Renewable Energy Consulting provides expertise on biofuels, Biorefining and green chemicals, innovation, R & D management and execution, and technology maturation/scale up from laboratory through pilot and demo scales towards commercialization based on direct personal experience.

There is increasing attention on climate change/global warming with, for example, the Paris Climate Conference 2015 (COP21). Use of renewable energy (be it biofuels, wind, solar) can reduce CO2 emissions. Governments in > 65 countries have established mandates for blending biofuels into petrol and diesel. Unlike in refining, where the basic techniques are 50 years old, the production of biofuels, especially advanced biofuels, is both technically and economically challenging.

Advanced biofuels are made from lignocellulosic biomass and not from sugar cane, sugar beet or vegetable oils.

Green, bio-based packaging and bottles are attracting increasing attention. For example, Unilever aims to use 100% renewable packaging in 2025, and various companies e.g. Anellotech, Avantium/BASF, Bio-BTX, Corbion, DuPont, Virent and others are investigating bio-based plastics and green chemicals, all with more development required to reach commercialization.